Réclamations ayant trait à la certification

Si vous jugez qu’une norme ISO, y compris ISO 9001 ou ISO 14001, est mal utilisée, faites en part à l'ISO, ces questions nous intéressent.

En savoir plus pour soumettre une réclamation à l'ISO.

Choosing a certification body

  • When choosing a certification body, you should:
  • Evaluate several certification bodies.
  • Check if the certification body uses the relevant CASCO standard
  • Check if it is accredited. Accreditation provides independent confirmation of competence. Accreditation is not compulsory, and non-accreditation does not necessarily mean the certification body is not reputable. To find an accredited certification body, contact the national accreditation body in your country or visit International Accreditation Forum CertSearch.

Displaying your certificate

Remember, when labelling a product or system as certified to an ISO standard:
Don't say: "ISO certified" or "ISO certification"
DO say: "ISO 9001:2015 certified" or "ISO 9001:2015 certification" (for example).

Complaints about certification

ISO is interested to hear from you if you feel that any ISO standard, including ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, is being misused. Read more about making a complaint to ISO.



ISO doesn’t provide certification or conformity assessment. You’ll need to contact an external certification body for that. Read more about certification and how to find a certification body.



Testing helps determine one or more characteristics of an object or product. The process is usually performed by a laboratory. For example, blood tests rely on the analysis of a number of characteristics such as the presence of a disease or genetic disorder. CASCO has developed a number of standards for laboratories to help ensure that their results can be trusted.



Inspection is the regular checking of a product to make sure it meets specified criteria. For example, fire extinguishers need regular inspections to ensure they are safe to use. CASCO has developed a set of standards that help inspection bodies carry out their work in a trustworthy manner.

Mutual Recognition

A Mutual Recognition Agreement or Arrangement (MRA) increases confidence in conformity assessment between countries as it formally recognizes the results of each other’s testing, inspection, certification or accreditation. This process helps to reduce the duplication of conformity assessment activities.

Puis-je utiliser le logo ISO ?

Le logo de l'ISO est une marque déposée qui ne saurait être utilisée en dehors de l'ISO, sauf autorisation expresse.

Si vous souhaitez utiliser un logo pour afficher votre certification, prenez contact avec l’organisme de certification qui vous a délivré le certificat.

Pour plus de précisions sur l’utilisation du logo ISO.