ISO/AWI 17528
Thermal Performance of windows and doors — Determination of solar heat gain coefficient using natural sunlight
Reference number
ISO/AWI 17528
Edition 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 17528
A working group has prepared a draft.


This standard specifies a method for measuring the solar heat gain coefficient for fenestration systems (e.g., complete windows, doors, and curtain walls with or without shading devices) using natural solar radiation. It applies to the fenestration systems which might consist of: a) various types of glazing (e.g. glass or plastic; single or multiple glazing; with/without low emissivity coatings, and with spaces filled with air or other gases); b) various types of opaque panels (e.g. door panel, metallic panel); c) various types of frames (e.g. wood, plastic, metallic with/without thermal barrier or any combination of materials); d) various types of shading devices (e.g. blind, screen, film or any attachment with shading effects); e) various types of active solar fenestration systems (e.g. building-integrated PV systems (BIPV) or building-integrated solar thermal collectors (BIST)).

General information

  •  : Under development
    : New project registered in TC/SC work programme [20.00]
  •  : 1
  • ISO/TC 163/SC 1
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