ISO/IEC TR 24030
ISO/IEC TR 24030

Status : Under development

What is ISO/IEC TR 24030? 

ISO/IEC TR 24030 is a comprehensive document providing a collection of artificial intelligence (AI) use cases across various domains. It encompasses an extensive range of applications, illustrating the applicability and potential of AI in different sectors and contributing significantly to the field of AI standardization.

Why is ISO/IEC TR 24030 important? 

This technical report plays a pivotal role in showcasing the diverse applications of AI, facilitating the development of AI standards, and promoting collaboration and understanding of AI's potential and challenges across industries.


  • Offers a broad perspective on AI applications in various domains
  • Supports the development and refinement of AI standards
  • Enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing in AI technology



Professionals and organizations involved in AI across different sectors.

Yes, it includes a range of AI applications and deployment models, demonstrating AI's versatility.

General information

  •  : Under development
    : International Standard under publication [60.00]
  •  : 2
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42
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