ISO 10303-513:2000
ISO 10303-513:2000



This part of ISO 10303 specifies the interpretation of the generic resources for the definition of an elementary

boundary representation model.

The following are within the scope of this part of ISO 10303:

the definition of an elementary_brep_shape_representation, this is a representation composed

of one or more manifold_solid_breps each of which is defined with elementary geometry and

complete explicit topology;

the definition of the unbounded geometry of curves and surfaces used in the definition of the faces

of such a B-rep model;

the definition of the topological structure of a B-rep model;

3D geometry;


elementary curves, these are lines or conics;

— elementary_surfaces;

geometric transformations;

— polylines;

unbounded geometry;

use of topology to bound geometric entities.

The following are outside the scope of this part of ISO 10303:

2D geometry;

bounded curves other than polylines;

bounded surfaces

offset curves and surfaces.

This AIC is independent of any industrial application domain.

General information 

  •  : Published
     : 2000-09
  •  : 1
     : 56
  •  : ISO/TC 184/SC 4 Industrial data
  •  :
    25.040.40 Industrial process measurement and control

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This collection is a standard for the exchange of product model data (STEP) module and resource library (SMRL). It is intended for those who are considering adopting ISO 10303 modular application protocols, application modules, and resource parts, or systems built on them, for product data representation …

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