ISO 4802-1:1988
Glassware — Hydrolytic resistance of the interior surfaces of glass containers — Part 1: Determination by titration method and classification
Reference number
ISO 4802-1:1988
Edition 1
ISO 4802-1:1988
Withdrawn (Edition 1, 1988)


The containers are subjected to attack by water at 121 degrees centigrade for 60 min. The resistance is measured by titration of a known aliquot portion of the extraction solution produced with hydrochloric acid solution, in which case the resistance is inversely proportional to the volume of acid required. The principle, reagents, apparatus, apparatus and procedure including the classification of the containers according to the hydrolytic resistance are specified.

General information

  •  : Withdrawn
     : 1988-12
    : Withdrawal of International Standard [95.99]
  •  : 1
     : 7
  • ISO/TC 76
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