ISO/AWI 11300-4
Piping systems for rehabilitation of underground drains, sewers and water supply networks — Part 4: Thermoplastic composite materials
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ISO/AWI 11300-4
Версия 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 11300-4
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Текущее издание: ISO 11296-1:2018 | ISO 11296-7:2019 | ISO 11296-9:2022


This document specifies requirements and test methods for pipes and fittings which are part of piping systems for the renovation of underground non-pressure drainage and sewerage networks. It is applicable to pipes, fittings and assemblies, made from thermoplastic composite materials, as manufactured and as installed. It is not applicable to the existing pipeline. It is applicable to technique families for renovation: — lining with spirally-wound (SWO) pipes; — lining with a rigidly anchored plastic inner layer (RAPL). and intended to be used at an operating temperature of 20 °C as the reference temperature. In the case of lining with SWO pipes, where the pipes, are formed on site, to a fixed or variable diameter, by spirally winding and jointing a pre-manufactured profiled plastics strip, this document applies to, strips made of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC U), or of polyethylene (PE), with or without steel stiffening elements, and installed with or without integral locking mechanism. In the case of lining with RAPL, where a single rigid annulus of structural cementitious grout is formed behind a plastics inner layer serving as permanent formwork anchored to the grout. This document applies to integrally joined profiled plastics strips of PVC-U or PE or studded sheets of PE, and grout systems with or without steel reinforcement. It does not apply to the structural design of the lining system. NOTE Systems with multiple annuli are available, but these are controlled by patent rights and not covered by this document.

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