ISO/IEC 16512-2:2011
Information technology — Relayed multicast protocol: Specification for simplex group applications — Part 2:
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ISO/IEC 16512-2:2011
Версия 2
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ISO/IEC 16512-2:2011
Отозвано (Версия 2, 2011)


ISO/IEC 16512-2:2011 specifies the relayed multicast protocol for simplex group applications (RMCP-2), an application-layer protocol, which constructs a multicast tree for data delivery from one sender to multiple receivers over the Internet where IP multicast is not fully deployed.

It defines a basic RMCP-2 protocol without security features, and a secure RMCP-2 protocol that adds security features to the basic protocol. Both protocols specify a series of functions and procedures for multicast agents to construct a one-to-many relayed data path and to relay simplex data. They also specify the operations of the session manager to manage multicast sessions.

These protocols can be used for applications that require one-to-many data delivery services, such as multimedia streaming services or file dissemination services.

ISO/IEC 16512-2:2011 also defines a membership authentication procedure for use with the secure RMCP-2 protocol and provides informative material related to the protocols.

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