• Секретариат: DIN
    Менеджер комитета:
    Mrs Julia Listringhaus
  • Председатель (до конца 2028):
    Mr Dr Michael Haschke
  • Менеджер ИСО по техническим программам [TPM]:
    Mme Mercè Ferrés Hernández
    Менеджер ИСО по редакционным [EM]:
    Mr Arun ABY Paraecattil
  • Дата создания : 2023

Область деятельности

This document specifies criteria for sustainable raw materials along industry best practices and is intended to be used for mineral-, raw iron- and non-iron-metals. It is applicable to the full value chain of all raw materials, from extraction (mining) to processing, to refining, to final product manufacturing, thereby including the full upstream and downstream value chain. It does not apply to the mine closure and/or mine reclamation stage activities as these stages are not considered integral parts of the value chain.

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