The ISO member for Italy, UNI, is celebrating a century of making the world better.
ISO announced today that Ulrika Francke from Sweden has been elected as the next ISO President, following voting by the ISO member bodies. She will take up the position in January 2022 at the completion …
The ISO member for Lebanon, LIBNOR, is putting standards and collaboration at the heart of rebuilding Beirut’s port area following a devastating accident.
ISO member Austrian Standards International (ASI) are celebrating their 100th birthday!
The DIN Consumer Council has high hopes for a new standard that protects consumers and helps them get the most from their purchases.
The ISO member for China, SAC, has set its sights on the country’s growing elderly population with new national standards to improve quality of care homes.
The ISO member for Spain, UNE, has developed national guidance to reinvigorate one if its most important sectors after an extended lockdown.  
Hangzhou, one of China’s busiest cities, has developed a standard to help prevent the spread of coronavirus as both people and businesses begin recovery.
ISO/ASTM 52915, just published, will help realize the full potential of additive manufacturing.
ISO’s member for the USA, ANSI, recently created a video that points out the importance of toilets and proper sanitation. It couldn’t have come at a better time.