Steel products for aerospace construction, see 49.025.10
ICS Field
77.140.01 Iron and steel products in general
77.140.10 Heat-treatable steels
77.140.15 Steels for reinforcement of concrete
77.140.20 Stainless steels
Including alloyed steels, corrosion-resistant steels, heat-resisting steels, etc.
77.140.25 Spring steels
77.140.30 Steels for pressure purposes
Steels for pressure pipes and tubes for specific use, see 77.140.75
77.140.35 Tool steels
77.140.40 Steels with special magnetic properties
77.140.45 Non-alloyed steels
77.140.50 Flat steel products and semi-products
Including plate, sheet and strip
Steel strips for springs, see 77.140.25
77.140.60 Steel bars and rods
77.140.65 Steel wire, wire ropes and link chains
Lifting link chains and wire ropes, see 53.020.30
Steel wire for springs, see 77.140.25
77.140.70 Steel profiles
Including sections
77.140.75 Steel pipes and tubes for specific use
Including hollow steel bars and sections for construction
Steel pipes for conducting fluids, see 23.040.10
77.140.80 Iron and steel castings
77.140.85 Iron and steel forgings
77.140.99 Other iron and steel products
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Heat-treated steels, alloy steels and free-cutting steels — Part 4: Wrought quenched and tempered steels with 1 % chromium and 0,2 % molybdenum and controlled sulphur content
95.99 ISO/TC 17/SC 4

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