ISO/CD 24492.2
Energy management systems and energy savings --Decarbonization — Requirements with guidance for use
Reference number
ISO/CD 24492.2
Edición 1
Committee Draft
ISO/CD 24492.2
El comité está revisando un borrador.


This document specifies requirements and guidance to enable an organization to reduce its energy related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This document: a) is applicable to any organization regardless of its type, size, complexity, geographical location, organizational culture or the products and services it provides; b) is applicable to Scope 1 emissions related to energy and Scope 2 emissions; c) is applicable irrespective of the quantity, use, or types of energy consumed; d) requires demonstration of absolute reduction of energy related GHG emissions aligned with emission reduction target(s); e) ISO 50001 is required as a part of this document. Note: Organizations can include some or all categories of Scope 3 emissions within the scope of their EnMS based on the organization’s management decisions. Annex A provides guidance for the use of this document. Annex B provides guidance on managing Scope 3 emissions. Annex C provides guidance on the relationship between this document and ISO 50001.

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