ISO/AWI 21251
Guidance for estimating organic carbon stocks in soils according to their biogeochemical stability or or residence time
Reference number
ISO/AWI 21251
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 21251
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.


This standard specifies general requirements for assessment of organic carbon stocks in soils based on their biogeochemical stability or residence time. It allows assessment of carbon sequestration as well as determination of carbon sequestration potential. It establishes an exhaustive list of methods currently allowing estimation of the content of organic carbon pools according to their stability and residence time. ○ Densito-granulometry fractionation ○ Thermogravimetry ○ Differential scanning calorimetry ○ Rock-Eval ○ TOC400 ○ KMnO4 ○ In situ basal respiration - field tests ○ Laboratory basal respiration ○ Quantification of amino sugars The methods that allow quantifying total organic carbon content, without differentiation of stability or residence time of organic carbon pools are not within the scope of this document. (e.g. elemental analysis). This standard is applicable to a wide range of soils: ○ Agricultural soils ○ Forest soils ○ Pastures and meadows ○ Peatlands and wet grasslands ○ Permafrost ○ Urban soils ○ Technosoils ○ Organic amendments (biochar, compost, digestate, etc…)

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