ISO/AWI TS 16569
Health informatics — Standardized Dataset for Exchanging Musculoskeletal Exercise Therapy Recommendations
Reference number
ISO/AWI TS 16569
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI TS 16569
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.


This document specifies a standardized data set of exercise recommendations aimed at data exchange between healthcare providers and patients. In order to exchange exercise recommendations for musculoskeletal disorder, it is necessary to define the structure of the data through electronic exchange from healthcare providers to patients. This document defines structures of exercise recommendation data for electronic exchange between healthcare providers and patients with musculoskeletal disorder. The data structure defined in this document consists of the following items: 1) Period 2) Exercise program 3) Healthcare Provider (Professional, Physician, Performer, Practitioner, etc.) 4) Subject of care (Patient) This document also defines a data model to represent those exercises, since the composition of exercise recommended for patients with musculoskeletal disorder is diverse, complex, and specific. The data model of 2)Exercise consists of: a) Type b) Session b.1) Body part b.2) Repetition b.3) Equipment c) Number of Sessions This document focuses on data exchange of exercise recommendation for backache and degenerative arthritis, and does not cover other musculoskeletal disorders. This document is not intended to provide a data set for symptoms of other musculoskeletal disorders, as well as the patient’s pain intensity. Some relevant information including medication orders or observation data measured by personal health devices can be considered, however, this document does not cover them. This information can be associated with recommendation for musculoskeletal with reference manners

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