ISO/DIS 10303-242
ISO/DIS 10303-242

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The existing scope of AP242 is not diminished by this NWI. This NWI covers needed updates, enhancements and extensions to the STEP AP242 application protocol last published as 10303-242 ed2 in 2020 with a minor revision in progress in 2021. The following updates, enhancements and extensions are proposed : Updates for: 1. Assembly PMI in the Domain Model and the modules 2. PMI updates in the modules 3. Incorporation of Part 59(PDQ) ed3 and related PMI data quality module and Triangulated shape data quality module 4. Identification of Structural Joints with fasteners in the domain model and in the modules with links to xMCF 5. Composites material in the modules 6. EWIS updates from implementation feedback 7. Other outstanding issues validated by ISO/TC 184/SC 4/WG 21 8. Domain Model Mappings to reach the ISO 10303-4000 Enhancements for: 1. Process planning in the domain model and the module (in harmonization with AP238/AP239) 2. Include CAx-IF recommended practices in standard documentation annexes 3. Bounding boxes and LODs in Domain model Extensions for: 1. Isogeometry 2. Polyhedral B-Rep 3. GUIDs that supports lifecycle traceability 4. Visual Issue Management 5. Web services implementation using JSON

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