ICS Ámbito
21.020 Characteristics and design of machines, apparatus, equipment
Including reliability, dependability, maintainability, durability, etc.
Safety of machinery, consulte 13.110
21.040 Screw threads
Screw threads for aerospace construction, consulte 49.030.10
21.060 Fasteners
Fasteners related to surgery, prosthetics and orthotics, consulte 11.040.40
Fasteners for aerospace construction, consulte 49.030
21.080 Hinges, eyelets and other articulated joints
21.100 Bearings
21.120 Shafts and couplings
21.140 Seals, glands
Seals for pipe and hose assemblies, consulte 23.040.80
21.160 Springs
Steels for springs, consulte 77.140.25
21.180 Housings, enclosures, other machine parts
21.200 Gears
21.220 Flexible drives and transmissions
21.240 Rotary-reciprocating mechanisms and their parts
Including pistons, piston-rings, crankshafts, etc. for general engineering
21.260 Lubrication systems
Lubricants, consulte 75.100