• Secretaría: ANSI
    Responsable de comité:
    Dr Emily Lee
  • Presidente/a (hasta el final 2029):
    Mr Steven Verpaele
  • Responsable de programa técnico de ISO [TPM]:
    Ms Wenyan Li
    Responsable editorial de ISO [EM]:
    Ms Sanjali Jain
  • Fecha de creación: 1980


Elaboration of standards in the field of workplace atmospheres excluding the establishment of limit values. The standards are used as references in promulgated health standards, by practitioners of occupational/industrial hygiene in workplace monitoring for compliance purposes and for health outcomes, by sampling hardware manufacturers in design and required performance of said hardware, and by researchers in the field of occupational health and industrial hygiene.

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Referencia Título Tipo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 1   Particle size-selective sampling and analysis Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 2   Inorganic particulate matter Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 3   Gases Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 4   Organic Compounds Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 7   Silica Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 8   Assessment of contamination of skin and surfaces from airborne chemicals Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 9   Sampling pump performance Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 146/SC 2/WG 10   Terminology and quality control in workplace air Grupo de trabajo
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Referencia Título ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 8/SC 12 Ships and marine technology - Large yachts ISO
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ISO/TC 158 Analysis of gases ISO
ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies ISO


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Referencia Título ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies ISO


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Sigla Título Categoría
IMA-Europe Industrial Minerals Association - Europe AISBL A

Fecha Mes Ubicación TC/SC Nota
13 September 2024 Virtual () ISO/TC 146/SC 2  

* Información definitiva, pero la reunión aún no se ha convocado formalmente
** Provisional

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